Thursday, July 12, 2012

security tower 3 event notebook excerpt

Zombies are like magnets. Or well…maybe humans are like magnets and zombies are like those little metal bits that you move around WITH magnets. Yes that’s it. Let’s try this again.

Humans are like magnets. Some of us are attracted by each other and others are repealed. Only difference is that if you flip us around we don’t start attracting those we repeal. Or I guess, sometimes we do. But anyways.
Humans are magnets and zombies are little bits of metal dust. The closer humans get to them, the faster they move.  Thought I heard something. Where was I …..Oh yeah the zombies.

You know, every one used to be all “oh zombies aren’t real”, “Zombies can’t exist”, “even if zombies showed up they would never take down the world.” HA and where are all those people now I ask you? Eaten…or dead…or looking to eat me. Hehehe. Eat me. HA. EAT ME YOU JACK ASSES.
This is like that old episode of the Twilight Zone where the guy just wants to read but everyone tells him no and then they all die and he gets to read all he wants but then his glasses break so he can’t see. Only instead of having broken glasses, we have hordes of parasite controlled corpses looking to chew our flesh off our bones. But at least we’re not alone and at least I don’t need glasses. And the Geek shall inherit the zombie infested world. BTW. Did you borrow any books from my room? Can’t find one I was reading. No biggy, just want to know where it went so I can finish it at some point.

(Scribbled out)
Sarah is asked me what cheese tastes like. Funny how we don’t think of somethings. The kids read the books we bring them but don’t understand the world described in them. I think we should find a cow. I will see if the library has a book on how to make cheese and butter next time I do a sweep there. I still think we should move the base to some place larger and move the library there.

I miss cheese. And the internet. I wonder if there is someone out there who has it running. Some lonely person logging into empty chat rooms and dead forums; looking for signs of life online like we look for it in the empty towns around us.
Fresh coffee
Pizza (really miss pizza)
Steak (seriously. I think we could totally keep cows. Just need to set up the security right)
New cloths
Going into a store and just looking around at what they have instead of clearing it first and always being on guard
Talking to new people
Funny. I used to hate having to meet new people. Hated having to be judged. But now. I miss the stupid socially required “how are you today. Fine. How are you. Ok. Did you find what you were looking for.”

Can you imagine that conversation now? “Are you bitten? No, are you? No. Did you see anything? I think you have a zombie on aisle 5 near the canned beans. Clean up to aisle 5. Clean up to aisle 5.”

Meh. Might not be so bad.

Magnets? Ok. I guess I can see the resemblance. But dude. Seriously. You think up some of the randomest shit some times. Ok. So we get a cow and we get a cheese book. Does any one know how to get the milk OUT of the cow? I sure as shit don’t know how to “milk” a cow. It always just looked like the farmer dude in movies was just pulling on those dangling things on the cow and milk came out. I miss French fries and buffalo wings and that hot sauce that came in those little packets. Hmmm tacooos. I miss Tacos. Where would we even FIND a cow?
Oh and Todd was in your room the other day. Maybe he has your book.

Man. Doing a total clearing on a building is a pain in the ass. But I think your right. After all, it will have to get done at some point unless we plan to just hide where we are for like the rest of eternity. I vote for sports complex. (you would :P)
Oh man I miss chocolate. Like not the powdered stuff but like the really expensive stuff that you could get a those specialty shops. Oh and pineapples
And kiwis
And shopping for shoes
Going to the beach. (we should totally set up a pool.)
I don’t like cows. They smell. I would rather have goat cheese anyways.

Ooohhh I could have a flower garden if we had more space. I vote for that private school just east of town. It has a high wall and lots of garden space. It has a pool.

If Jon and Linda keep going at it like they do, they will need a whole building just for their kids.

I think there was talk of looking for a better location at the last meeting. They really should talk to us about this stuff first. “We would like you to go out and get eaten while checking to see if anyone has repainted city hall. Um No. really. Well ok. How about checking to see if the newspaper as come out with a new edition? Uh..nay” I swear they think up the dumbest stuff in there. It’s like they want us to shoot their ideas down.  I did like their idea to put kites up to signal people that we are here. They are pretty even if no one ever comes. I do miss being able to call some one in another state or log on and talk to some one in a different country. Kind of feels lonely. Like what if we are the only people left in the entire world. Kind of a scary idea.

The logbook is NOT for personal conversations. It is to keep track of events and issues at this posting.

You wanted things to be like they used to be? How much more normal can you get then getting reprimanded by a dickish supervisor.

1200 hours-1800hours
I am not dickish.   

(several pages torn out)

and another thing, you always use the last of the TP and never replace it. You don’t even mention that we need more. Which is what this god damned note book is FOR. Zombies could be popping up all around us and I would never know because its all “food this and food that and todd said this and sarah did that and jon has this and so and so is sleeping with so and so.” And for the record its "REPEL". Learn to spell.

Wow…You really need to learn to relax.
Tell us how you really feel.
Aaww does some one need a huggy-wuggy?
I hate you three so much.


  1. He he, that was cool.

    One thing though, shouldn't magnets repel instead of repeal?

    1. I was thinking of putting in more spelling errors. This is a hand written notebook so I figured you would have some pop up. Oh but that gives me an idea.

  2. This was a lot of fun. I was about to make the same comment about 'repeal' but I love that you made that part of the story.

  3. LittleD I knew you'd come through with something awesome! This is really fun to read. It's got a much more personal tone than most zombie fiction, and I like how there aren't any zombies directly involved here, but they permeate the references.

    Very clever idea with the spelling errors and the fonts to represent the different people logging in the book. The wry humor is fantastic, and it's clear that these people are living in a world drastically changed. I enjoyed this, and I'd read these people's logbook any time.

  4. Catching up. This was a riot! It so perfectly gives off those "office politics" vibes. Like at someplace where people could show up high, and the boss/supervisor hates them but can't fire them. I would also read more of this journal.

    1. Thanks. That was kind of what I was shotting for.